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Our goal is to match tools and techniques to central Missouri budgets to produce media that levels the playing field with larger national corporations.

Let's face it, everyone has only 24 hours a day and only so much "attention." Like it or not, small business must compete for mind-share head to head with large companies with large budgets. Steve Twitchell Production tries harder to work smarter to give you the best value in media production. Many of our methods and tools are unconventional. We use and do what works. Tools are only as good as the craftsman behind them. Ideas are only as good as the people who make them real.

Audio Studio
Digital and analog. We can work with albums, cassette, or reel to reel. We also can create CD's, DAT's or MP3 files. We work with the same digital workstation as many Hollywood studios: Digidesign ProTools. Our pre-recorded sound effects collection is immense. Thirty-eight libraries with 250,000 sound effects instantly available on hard drive (at no additional charge to studio time). We have the same music libraries as ABC, CBS and NBC so we can keep you from copyright infringement. And our music clearance rates are usually less than on-line download rates. And, we work smarter with some of the best non-union talent in the state so you don't pay residuals.

Location Video
Steve Twitchell Production began business in 1981 and for ten years only produced soundtracks. . . producing literally thousands of commercials. During that time we worked with every ad agency in mid-Missouri and with producers from St. Louis, Kansas City, Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles. Steve learned much about video from watching many of these "genius" caliber producers. When it came time to outfit his location gear, Steve looked for cost-effective, lightweight workhorses.

STP uses Arri, Arri-HMI and Lowell lights. We have a jib-arm boom, lightweight dolly and track, and teleprompter. We have a Sennheiser shotgun microphone as well as Shure wired and wireless miniature lavaliere mikes.

Because so many productions involve studio work, STP owns its own shooting stage/studio. It has the area's only true-cyc blue screen background. It is stocked with costumes, props, gobos, fog machines, fans and backgrounds. We have C-stands, filters, screens, reflectors, flags and miles of extension cable. We didn't buy out the supply store but we have carefully assembled a well-oiled (and sweated *) location machine.
*We do sweat the details.

Video Post-Production
Producing soundtracks and editing video are Steve's first loves. Steve Twitchell begain editing film at age 14. While still in high school he was able to study with a student of Alfred Hitchcock. Steve Twitchell Production introduced the first AVID digital non-linear video editing system to central Missouri. (AVID is important because both networks and Hollywood have chosen AVID as the edit system of choice.)

STP also was the first in central Missouri to realize the power of After Effects and ICE acceleration. Our systems currently run Photoshop and After Effects with a bevy of special plug ins that truly bring Hollywood effects home. We can accept video footage in 8mm, Hi-8mm, VHS, S-VHS, 3/4-Umatic, 3/4-Umatic SP, Betacam, Betacam SP, DV and mini-DV. We shoot HD and wide-screen standard NTSC.

STP owns a large library of in-house stock footage. This footage is from industry leaders like Artbeats, Creatas, Eyewire, Thinkstock, etc. It is available at approximately 60% of the on-line download cost of services such as istock. We also have available a large library of footage that we have shot. (STP is a contributor to istock as well.)

We have complete CD & DVD duplication and color on disc printing capabilities. Our throughput is 1000 CD/DVDs per day. We also shrink wrap. We are known for our low rates on small (under 1000) orders.

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